Daddy's Little Girl

September 22, 2017

Hello there, welcome back to my blog. I hope you had noticed my love for vintage clothings and colours on Instagram lately. I love VINTAGE. Absolutely love. 

When other little girls used to invade their mothers wardrobe and would wrap themselves in larger than life dupattas and try to fit their tiny feet in those high heels, I would always admire my Daddy and his clothes. I look like my Dad, a lot, and when I was a kid, I would wear his big blazer, which would sweep the floor, wear his spectacles and carry his briefcase and walk around the house like a busy girl, telling everyone that I'm going to work, just like Daddy. 

Androgynous dressing was there since childhood. I have never believed in limiting myself to just girl's frocks and skirts. I grew up wearing boy-est clothes ever and discovered that style is something you gotta experiment with, you might just rock a look you thought you couldn't.

Now, luckily I'm of my Daddy'd height, so the pants fit me well lengthwise. For waist, I took it as high as possible for that vintage vibe and held it with a broad classic belt. 

The vintage red (carnelian/ burnt/ brick) ah or just faded red, is a perfect vintage shirt. Both shirt and pants are hijacked from Dad's wardrobe. I pulled the shirt back without buttoning the first three buttons, and the rest buttoned part was tucked in. Thus, perfect fit. 

For the feminine touch, added neck pieces, high heels and a cute dirty pink bag. I personally love this look. Please let me know if I carried the look well enough.

and some here is some random stupid pictures, 👅


Pants: Tailored (Dad's)
Shirt: Allen Solly (Dad's)
Watch: Titan
Neck Piece: SnobBox
Bag: SnobBox
Heels: Lady Gaga (Calcutta)

till next time



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  1. Your work is extravagant nagma ��❤⭐