How To Get Rainbow Light Tumblr Picture

August 27, 2017

hello peeps

It's been long, how are ya? Instagram has come up with a new 'Rainbow' filter for their stories, and I guess you guys have already figured it out. To review it, I find it a little bleh coz the rainbow lacks intensity. Anyway, the filter has been inspired by the latest tumblr trend of Rainbow light on face, hands, basically anywhere you want.

Now I got my own tricks and did few experiments to catch that rainbow light to level up my selfie game, and your girl got it right in the first try itself. *takes a bow* Since the time I've uploaded the picture on my Instagram, lot of you have been asking me how did I get it, so I'll share my secret.

Keep reading.

I used a CD. That's right. To create my rainbow I used this old mofo and played with the sunlight. Now get your old science lessons to use, and create your own rainbow with the reflecting sunglight.

Tips and Tricks
-Hold the CD in your one hand, or you can ask someone to hold it for you
-Try to face the reflective side of the CD towards the sun, (you must have proper sunlight and not cloudy weather. the stronger the sun, the better the rainbow effect. Best time is during noon.)
-Adjust the CD and you'll see rainbow light creating
-Try to reflect the light on some wall or surface to check the intensity
-The farther you go, the wider the rainbow light will get and thus fading away slowly.
- To get big rainbow stand further from the CD, to get a small one like I did, just on a part of your face, be close to the CD.

If you don't have a CD, you can try with Crystal Balls, Prism, Clear Bottle with Water.

If you try this, do send me your pictures or tag me on them. I would love to check it out.



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