Getting Quirky with India Circus

July 07, 2017

I love how quirky and colourful India is, the vibrancy and energy of this country is what defines it's vibe. I recently teamed up with India Circus, for a fun blog post. Being a Designer, I love 'details' and and India Circus' products are amazingly designed keeping all the details in mind. It offers a contemporary-chic, sophisticated and affordable style for various areas of our life, from home decor to personal accessories. With an All-Indian palette, the inspiration is drawn from everything Inidan, Mughal Royal to Desi Chai.

The artist and designer in me are totally digging the colourful unique visuals. From cushion covers, designer iPhone covers, canvas wall art, to mason jars, dining table mats & table runners, there are  so many artistic designs available online.

Designer iPhone Cover

Get this iPhone Cover: HERE

Quirky Cushion Covers

Shop the Cushion Covers: HERE

Click Here to check out and shop from India Circus and do let me know which is your favourite product.

Till next time, sweet people.



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  1. Only one word (awsome) ❤����