5 Reasons to own a pair of Flare Pants.

July 02, 2017

Flare aka Bell Bottom Pants or Jeans are a 70's fashion. They came back in around 1996 and ruled the fashion industry for a whole decade until obviously in 2006 skinny jeans made it's way to our wardrobe. Being a 90's kid, I've enjoyed my share of both the worlds. I remember when I had bell bottoms in all colours, material. Phew! But fashion is a cycle and the trends come back. I'm so glad that the 70's fashion is here and also the flare pants.

Now, let me jot down 5 reasons for you girls to definitely own a pair of flare jeans or pants and rock that look this season. 

1. They are figure flattering.
The high waist flare pants  accentuate your curves and make your waist look tiny. They give you an illusion of tall legs. Yes, ladies. We love long legs. I'm average tall, but still I love wearing these because of the long leg game. Trust me, it's flattering. And when the hem is super wide, your heels hide underneath, and viola, magic. Tall in no time. Win Win. 

2. They make you stand out in a sea of skinny jeans.
Yes. I said it. I like skinny jeans, no doubt, but what's the harm in owning a statement piece which make you stand out and a fashion diva. It instantly elevates your outfit.

3. They make you look polished.
Even on a lazy day, you can pull up a pair and look all put together and polished.

4. We love that Retro vibes, don't we?
I'm a digger of classic. It is simple and it works magic in nostalgic ways. You can get your daily dose of role play. From hippie, to disco-chic, to historical fashion diva, you know these are cool AF!

5. Variety
You get so many options to chose from. Fabric, colour, pattern... there are so many shapes to work with, try on and you would know what works best for you. From skinny on top with flare at the knee (like the one I'm wearing) to wider leg all the way down, there are many options, ladies. 

Enjoy the visuals and my moods. 

I hope you liked this post, so please let me know by commenting below or on my Instagram. I'll be back super soon with another look book. Stay tuned and stay awesome. Love you.



White Tee: Sarojini Nagar Market
Flare Pants: Sarojini Nagar Market
Denim Blazer: GAP
Platform Shoes: Forever 21
Watch: Titan

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Pictures by Tanzila, my little sister. <3

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